5 Places you Must go to on Your Next Trip to Florida

by Sandy Olson 09/08/2019

A flowery land littered with lots of breathtaking attractions is the best way to describe Florida. As home to a variety of the world's most magnificent sights, Florida boasts of attracting millions of tourists from across the globe. No wonder Florida reigns as one of the most visited states in the United States.

Your vacation can never go south in Florida. From Key West, the furthest tip south in the continental US, to beaches, national parks, to amusements parks and tons of fun places in between, you are sure to have the best time of your life here. Confused as to where to start exploring the magnificence of the flowery land? Here are five remarkable destinations you should check out.

Glamorous Miami Beach

Miami Beach, touted as one of the must-visit places in Florida, is a must-see. Besides the golden sands lining the Atlantic that makes it stand out from other beaches, it houses the Art Deco Historic District. Littered with eye-catching ancient buildings, the district depicts the beauty and history of the city. A stroll down this district is sure to give you a life-long memory.

Virtual World of Universal Studio

Do you wish to visit Hogsmeade Village? Then, take a ride through the Hogwarts Express and pay a visit to Harry Potter at the Universal Studio in Orlando. This virtual world knocks everything you ever believed off the charts. You can't beat it! The amusement park, designed with a plethora of fun activities, leaves any visitor thrilled all day long. 

A Glimpse into the Sea World

The SeaWorld experience is one of the fantastic ways to spend your vacation. The complex contains lots of fun activities such as thrill rides and water coaster rides to cater to kids and adults alike. It also features a plethora of aquarium exhibits that are sure to blow you away. Here, you can find everything from sea lions, whales, ducks, to dolphins and tons of marine lives in between.

Magical World of Walt Disney

A magical world indeed! Disney World in Orlando is, undoubtedly, one of the most attractive places in Florida. It has grown well beyond just an amusement park to a universe that caters to the wanderlust of adults and kids alike. Divided into several magical kingdoms, in this world, you'll never experience a dull moment.

Breathtaking Kennedy Space Center 

Are you looking for a place that is both entertaining and educative? Then look no further than the Kennedy Space Center. The Kennedy Space Center houses several theme-specific mission zones, Space Shuttle Atlantis, historical rocket launch sites, among others. A bus tour is made available to take you around restricted launch sites, where you are both entertained and educated on space rockets. Where would you rather be?!? 

Get the bang out of your vacation by visiting these totally-worth-it destinations in Florida. You can't get it anywhere else! And if you decide to stay once you get there, find a real estate professional to locate your Florida dream home.

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